Eithon Cadag, University of Washington

Eithon Cadag

XY@u.washington.edu (replace "X" with "e" and "Y" with "cadag")

Biomedical and Health Informatics
Department of Medical Education and Biomedical Informatics
Box 357240
University of Washington
Seattle, WA 98195-7240

My name is Eithon, and welcome to my obligatory horribly-presented and terribly-organized, 1990's HTML homepage.

I'm a recently graduated doctoral student at the University of Washington, and studied Biomedical & Health Informatics. My primary research interests in this field are biomedical data integration (distributed data mining, semantic linkage, query exploration and validation) and applications of artificial intelligence in biomedicine (machine/statistical learning methods on bio-relevant data).

Research & Work

  • PyDI and BioMediator: path-based biological data integration

    Previous work and related software includes:

  • MAGI framework - Java framework for creating consensus-based gene predictions for Trypanosome genomes.
  • GenePyX - very simple drawing abstractions for PyX to allow for gene diagrams (namely gene rearrangement).

    View my CV for a reasonably up-to-date summary of what I've done.

    Miscellaneous software (all released under the GPL)

  • PyROC - A simple class to implement generation of Receiver Operating Characteristic curves and their areas; supports partial AUCs (e.g., ROC50), confusion matrices and plotting via matplotlib.
  • Fuzzy package - Rough implementation of a fuzzy logic system developed in Python. I used this to explore symbolic qualitative methods of drug-interactions modeling.
  • PyIndexer - A simply vector-space based Python indexing and retrieval system.

  • A Wordle of my general exam.